Weekend breaks in London

When you just have to get away from it all, a weekend break in London can provide the perfect few days escape without the hassle and expense of a full blown holiday farther afield. Finish work early on a Friday afternoon and within a couple of hours you can be checked into your perfect hotel and ready to discover the huge amount of activities and experiences that London has to offer. Whether your a first time visitor wanting to stick firmly on the tourist trail or a seasoned veteran, you can be sure you’ll never be short of things to cram into your weekend city break!

If your new to London then the first thing you can do upon arrival is take a tour bus around the city centre which will give you a quick glance at all the popular attractions and help you get your bearings for the weekend ahead. One of the great things about London is that despite its size, most of the the cities most famed features are crammed into the middle of the city – so traveling around is quick and easy. Booking accommodation in the city centre is a must and will make your visit so much easier – you won’t have to worry about driving and parking and a day pass on the London Underground will be all you’ll need to see everything London has to offer.

Getting to London is easy. Since you’ll only be visiting for a few days it best to avoid bringing your car as the expense of driving and parking in London is a nightmare! The easiest way is by train. With several large train stations in the city centre well served by the national railway network it is the safe bet for a hassle free journey. If your traveling from farther afield then cheap flights are also plentiful to any of the London airports. Once your in London the underground is the best way to travel around the city centre and has stations littered everywhere within the city so you’ll never be more than a couple of minutes walk from the places you want to be.

London offers a diverse range of hotels to suit every taste and budget. If your not planning on spending much time at the hotel then easiest option is to book a room at one of the cheaper chain hotels near a train station, this way you’ll be spending a lot less time traveling and more time taking in the sights. Beyond that there are hotels that can cater to just about any need. From the glamorous and luxurious down to the basic budget bed for the night, and everything in between.

With so much to do in a weekend, you can be sure that a short break in London will never leave you short of new experiences – whether your a first time visitor or not. The biggest challenge you will face is squeezing it all in!